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Environmental and cost life cycle studies, undertaken by the project, showed that the energy consumption of steel fibre reinforced roller-compacted concrete pavements can be up to 40% less than ...

Everything You Need To Know About Pugmills

Pugmills are suitable for producing mineral mixtures for road base, Roller Compacted Concrete, landfill bentonite liners, and for drying sludges with reagents. These pugmills offer higher production rates of 50 to 1000 tons per hour. What Do Pugmills Do? Pugmills are used in rock quarries across the US to add water to aggregate to make road base.

Designers's Guide for UFGS 32 13 16.16 Roller Compacted

2010/10/01 · Designers's Guide for UFGS 32 13 16.16 Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Pavement Technical Report (PDF Available ) · October 2010 with 378 Reads How we measure 'reads' A 'read' is counted each ...

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Cold Mix Paving can be produced and applied using a specialized paver known as a Mix Paver equipped with a fully automated screed. The aggregate is hauled to the mix paver, mixed with emulsion and placed. The material is then compacted and opened to traffic. Central plant mixing through a pugmill is an alternate method of producing cold mix ...

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Call the Pug Mill for pottery & ceramic supplies, custom-made bisqueware, kilns & kiln supplies - Adelaide-based

Roller compacted concrete (RCC), for a long-lasting

Roller-compacted concrete is increasingly used for all types of roadways that require strength and sturdiness. The RCC pairs standard concrete performance with the simplicity of asphalt. RCC PAVEMENT In addition to being a ...

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2016/01/08 · Different types of rollers are used for compaction purposes. The 6 most commonly used rollers employed in construction industry are described below. Types of Rollers Depending upon the project requirement and soil to ...

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Pugmills | Steel Systems Installation

Pugmills work well in blending various materials and liquids to make a wet, dense compactable road base or to stabilize a waste material. Our pugmills can be designed to suit most any application. Contact us if you need assistance with the blending/mixing of your materials.

Roller compacted concrete (RCC), for a long-lasting investment

Placing roller-compacted concrete costs relatively little. Since it has excellent durability and requires little maintenance, roller-compacted concrete is extremely cost-effective. ECO-FRIENDLY. RCC pavement is eco-friendly. Cement additives other than Portland cement can be added, such as fly ash (more energy-efficient).

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What You Can Do With Roller Compacted Concrete? – ThermoConcrete

Nov 24, 2016 · What You Can Do With Roller Compacted Concrete? To those still unfamiliar with construction terms, there is an innovation being implemented—-known as roller compacted concrete; in a way, it is a special blend of concrete as opposed to the traditional one.


In particular, CQI has two Pugmill plants to optimize RCC mixing on construction sites. Specific to Ciment Quebec Inc., COMPACTcem™ cement is produced from a line of skilfully proportioned binary Portland cement products and admixtures that have been proven on roller-compacted concrete paving sites.

Leasing Archives

RWC Equipment Leasing supplies Volumetric & Continuous Weigh RapidMix Continuous Mixing Plants to lease, rent or buy used equipment. All 4 machines are Continuous Mixing and can be operated without interruption from charging or material discharge.

Asphalt Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Roller speed is typically limited to 3 mph. With this speed and the width of the roller, the coverage rate can be calculated. The width of paver pass and speed can give you the square yardage placed. The number of required coverages will then tell you the total area in square yards the roller must be able to cover.

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Pugmill Rentals Archives

Lease the RapidMix 400C Mobile Pugmill Mixing Plant The RapidMix 400C is available to lease now. Readily available for lease, the twin-shaft continuous mixing plant has been designed to be totally mobile and completely self-contained with its own power source and is perfect for your project.

Continuous Mixing Plants Archives

RWC Equipment Leasing supplies Volumetric & Continuous Weigh RapidMix Continuous Mixing Plants to lease, rent or buy used equipment. All 4 machines are Continuous Mixing and can be operated without interruption from charging or material discharge.

Should You Use Hot or Cold in Place Recycling for Your Project?

Jan 01, 2018 · Is hot in-place or cold in-place recycling best for your application? ... This compacted layer can be left as the wearing course on a low-volume roadway or it can function as a pretreatment for an ...

Asphalt Paving Operation

This was because the roller took 15 minutes to compact the surface of the asphalt. Thus, to improve the productivity, more roller should be added into the operation. Nevertheless, the company chose to use only one roller. Perhaps, the decision to only have one roller was determined by cost factor.

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Jan 08, 2016 · The weight of tandem roller varies from 2 to 8 tonnes and that of two wheeled roller varies from 8 to 10 tonnes. Three wheeled roller; It ground coverage provided by smooth wheeled roller is 100%. The weight of the roller can be increased by filling the inside space of the drum with water or wet sand. This is called ballasting.


Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) production for pavements raises many questions for the novice, from mix design, to admixtures, to plant equipment. A common question is, “What equipment is best for producing/mixing RCC for pavements?”

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How to Compact Granular Soils

Sep 11, 2019 · Technology is also improving in the area of compacting granular soils. Equipment is available for compaction that uses a monitoring system and sensors to measure the soil stiffness and generate a value related to the compaction progress on how good or bad the process is going.

Rapidmix Pugmill Applications

The continuous mixing technology employed by these plants produces high quality, consistent blends coveted by construction and environmental remediation operations. Popular Rapidmix pugmill applications include roller compacted concrete, cement treated base, and soil cement.

Roller Compacted Concrete Production and

Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a special type of concrete that incorporates typical concrete constituents (i.e. aggregate, cement, water, etc.) but in different proportions. Due to the dry nature of RCC, it is placed using a paver ...

Looking for a high-quality impact crusher?

If you need equipment that is both versatile and easy to operate yet offers all the advantages of state of the art technology and Swiss precision workmanship, the GIPOCONE impact crusher is an excellent solution. One of the newest products in the GIPO AG collection, the GIPOCONE combines 3-deck screening with outstanding speed and efficiency. This type of cone crusher can be used in almost any setting and is ideal for the construction, rock processing, and recycling sectors.

How to find your impact crusher

Need an impact crusher that is tailored to your needs? GIPO AG is able to offer a custom service that allows you to create the type of equipment you have in mind. Take a closer look at the GIPO AG impact crusher range at www.gipo.ch or contact us for more information on custom orders.


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